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I am proud to report I have never written “hi” or “hey” as an opening line, and while not all my messages are well received, I’ve at least made it clear I have a personality…perhaps not a personality they enjoy, but a personality nonetheless.But in the process, I fear we are dismissing our very own Bill Murray, while approving people who aren’t even truthful about who they are.Dating has become a new form of gambling, and swiping yes or no, holds some of the highest stakes of all.As most men online are (presumably) single, their selection of pictures is likely somewhat sparse.

But the process has become so much about looks, that we are likely dismissing people we’d be lucky to meet.And outside of a very small percentage of people who get paid to look beautiful, there is no set standard for beauty.We like what we like, and attraction is usually an instinctual feeling.It’s no secret I’ve found online dating to be a big disappointment, and every time I think my experiences couldn’t get any worse (or more ridiculous), I am shown the error of my ways.But I’m nothing if not tenacious, and I still believe my Bill Murray is out there.

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