Bradley whitford dating janel moloney

The actor then took a swing at Trump’s often criticized views on minorities and women.

“Aaron never would have gotten away with writing a character as racist, as misogynist, as proudly unintellectual [and] as arrogant as Donald Trump,” he said.

PHOTO () - (HAS TRIM)By Luaine Lee Mc Clatchy-Tribune News Service(MCT)PASADENA, Calif.

Lucien Picard will shed his colorful tights for modern dress when Patrick Stewart stars in the updated film "Macbeth" on "Great Performances" Wednesday on PBS (check local listings.The actress says she deliberately quit for a while."Remember those Amish girls that were killed in that school room?fanatic, and yes, I shipped Donna and Josh for a while. For some magical reason, People Magazine got the primary cast of Aaron Sorkin created some of the most iconic political leaders and players in pop culture history in his acclaimed show The West Wing – but would he ever have imagined a character like presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump?Although I also enjoyed Josh and Amy (Mary Louise Parker). My favorite couple might have been CJ and Tobey though. But they were BFFs and they loved each other so deeply. Bradley Whitford, who played White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman for seven seasons on the NBC series, doesn’t think so.

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But I don't want to do that anymore,'" she pauses."I think it was about getting older, too. I had a marriage that I thought was the best marriage I'd ever seen, and you grow apart, I guess.

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