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Uhm, The Rev Was From Avenged Sevenfold, NOT Shinedown. Anyway, I Think That This Song Is About A Man Losing His Girlfriend Or Wife, He Took All Her Pictures Off The Wall, Her Voice Still Haunts Him, The Crow Chasing The Butterfly Could Be A Metaphor For Something/Someone Who Is Not Nearly As Beautiful As A Butterfly, Chasing A Butterfly, Being The Beautiful Woman.Now He Will Forever Be Chasing Her Memory, As In The Crow Can't Quite Catch Up With The Butterfly & He Can't Catch Up With Her Because She Is Gone. Every time I hear this song it makes me think of my ex-girlfriend, Rachael.[fimage] David De Angelo is the founder of the company “Double Your Dating”. The company provides dating services including couching.

Eben Pagan was born on December 05, 1971 in New York City, United States.

When they play this song live, Zach plays the acoustic parts on an acoustic guitar on a stand with his electric still strapped to him while he's playing.

He switches to the electric for the choruses and the solos.

He's not talking about bright happy yellow flowers, although I think that it's intentional that that's the image that first springs to mind.

In the later phase of life, dandelions become whithered, desiccated, and colorless, the slightest breeze scattering their seeds and stripping them to a bare stem.

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