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By contrast, they turn their noses up at green and yellow, according to research by scientists from the University of Florida.This essential guide couldn't come at a better time, because scientists say we are currently in the midst of a worldwide bedbug resurgence. Even if you haven’t personally suffered an infestation, media coverage of the insect’s comeback has been hard to miss.However, the bed bug is an ancient pest, and our lives have intertwined for millennia.When our relatives started seeking shelter in those caves, the thinking goes, some of the bugs turned their attention toward this new food source.

The researchers used three techniques to explore the bugs' genetic relations: mitochondrial DNA, which is passed along the maternal line and shows how generations relate over time; microsatellites, which are repeated regions of genetic information in nuclear DNA that help track how individual bed bugs are related to one another; and specific mutations linked to insecticide resistance.The mitochondrial DNA helped confirm the 245,000-year-old ancestral split between the bat- and human-feeding bugs, although the confidence interval on the timing is huge--the actual date may range from 98,000 to 866,522 years ago.The microsatellite data showed bugs from each food source were distinct because there was no evidence of interacting or breeding.However, there are some things you can do to help, such as: A 2016 study found that bedbugs are attracted to and repelled by certain colours.The parasites are more likely to hide in red or black areas, so you may want to avoid those colours when it comes to your bedding and furniture.

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Not only that, their research suggests the common bed bug (aka published the study online in January.

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