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The number of kids is much smaller than in high schools so you can easily handle everything.

Foreigners working for learning centers often work more hours, between 20 and 35 hours, but they are paid much more.

For instance, an average salary of experienced foreign teacher working up to 35-40 hours (including office hours) would be RMB14.000 (00) or more.I can tell you now that it is not easy to practice the oral English with all of them.Moreover, Chinese students are afraid of speaking so it is an extra job for the teacher to encourage them to speak out and make sure they enjoy learning English.I came to China not only to do some sightseeing and support financially my travels, but also to get more teaching experience, find out whether teaching is what I really want to do for a living in the future or not, improve the English speaking capabilities of Chinese students, inspire them, stimulate their interest and motivate them to speak English. The schools can turn a blind eye on the lack of diploma or experience but you won’t be able to obtain a working Visa so it means you work illegally.If you work illegally, you are not insured and you cannot openly say that you teach (just in case police found out).

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