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Yandere Simulator’s objective is not to “reveal a new look” or “present a new perspective” or “explore the psychology” of anime tropes; the game’s only goal is to provide enjoyable gameplay and lots of replayability, along with unusual themes, uncommon scenarios, and unorthodox methods.Yandere Simulator is not intended to be satire, but it is certainly tongue-in-cheek at times (have you seen the easter egg that makes a toaster appear in the protagonist’s mouth? One day in the future, I might eventually make a game about the social issues I feel strongest about (crime prevention and public safety), but Yandere Simulator is for video games to over-simplify certain aspects of reality that would be too complex to program, or simply aren’t fun when portrayed realistically.

The player is rewarded for taking panty shots, but the game’s characters will express disgust and anger if they catch the protagonist doing so, and if an authority figure witnesses this behavior, the result is an instant game over.

Video games must simplify many aspects of reality; everything from physical limitations to the wanton deconstruction of human lives.

If video games can trivialize everything from jumping to murder, I can’t see a reason why social issues would be an exception.

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