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The idea of sharing Hell with her mother was both oddly comforting and chilling. As if her senses had been muted, the steady crashing of waves against the Huntington Beach shoreline increased in volume.Eve’s hands clenched tentatively, testing the soft surface beneath her, attempting to discern where she was. A cool breeze touched her brow and Eve’s vision exploded into living color. The soothing rhythm drifted down the hall from her living room balcony and brought welcome relief. As her tension dissipated, Eve’s shoulders relaxed.Now reunited, Eve and Cain are working on transitioning their insatiable desire into a tentative new relationship even as she struggles to become a full-fledged Mark—one of thousands of sinners forced to hunt demons as penance.When her training class goes on a field trip to an abandoned military base, things take a dark turn: There’s a demon hidden among them, killing off Eve’s classmates one by one.Standing with crossed arms, widespread legs, and folded wings, he was impossible to ignore… The brothers went by the names Alec Cain and Reed Abel now, but they were still the siblings of biblical legend. “I still don’t know why Reed spends so much time at your house. Or why your boyfriend is CEO of a corporation like Meggido Industries, but I’ve never seen him in a suit.” The thought of Alec in a suit made Eve smile. “Okay, Sabrael,” she began, brushing her hair back from her face. ” “The better question would be: Why are you here, Evangeline? Those two spoke so bluntly she’d be perpetually blushing if not for the mark, which prevented her body from wasting energy. But Cain claims you have knowledge we need.” Eve looked at Alec.

Eve watched her mother walk right past the angel without batting an eye. No matter how spotless her house might be, her mother cleaned it, rearranging everything to her liking in the process. “You had an overflowing basket by the washing machine and a sink full of dirty dishes.” Eve pointed at the boxer briefs, men’s shirts, and towels in the pile. The dishes aren’t mine either.” She wondered what her mother would do if she learned that she was washing Cain and Abel’s clothes. He leaves towels on the bathroom floor.” It was a pet peeve of Eve’s, too, but she didn’t think it made a man unsuitable for marriage. “And unhygienic.” Eve glanced at the angel, embarrassed to have him witness their squabbling. Evangeline is fine and no longer needs you.” Her mother paused, her head tilting as she absorbed the thoughts she assumed were her own. Alec dropped it over her head, and she shoved her various body parts through the appropriate openings. It seemed all the angels spoke in them, except for Alec and Reed.

Then a brief glimmer in the periphery of her vision made her turn her head.

Lifting her arms to shield her eyes from the blinding light, she barely made out the silhouette of a winged man standing in the corner between her bleached pine closet doors and her dresser. She risked another glance at the angel and found that, once again, her mark enhancements knew what to do even when she didn’t. She could see him now without damage to her vision. ” Grabbing the top sheet, Eve yanked it up to her neck.

The Mark of Cain–a triquetra surrounded by a circlet of three serpents, each one eating the tail of the snake before it. The mark burned whenever she took the Lord’s name in vain–which was often–and whenever she lied, which was less often but useful on occasion.

When dealing with Satan’s minions, playing dirty leveled the playing field.

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She blinked, but only inky darkness filled her vision.

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