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I've been this guy, you've been this guy I'm sure at some point but he is NOT you. Besides being a woman in a heavily saturated market of male dating coaches, she tells it how it is.

Kezia explains how plenty of the men she coaches have great personalities but become the "the nice guy" so they don't get rejected which if you think about it is just a cop out. They aren't afraid to oppose a women's stance if they disagree. She's intrusively honest which has gotten her into trouble one too many times and who some have seen as negative characteristics in her personality, but she has taken those exact traits and flipped them into virtues with beneficial purposes for others.

Or run into an issue and tell yourself all the reasons you can't do it?

For instance, maybe you believe a girl or guy or certain goal is out of your league and poison yourself with all the reasons she or he wouldn't date you or all the reasons why you can't achieve that goal instead of focusing on all the amazing things you have to offer or finding all the reasons you can do it.

It doesn't take long to realize Kezia is someone who is actually trying to improve the dating lives of frustrated and struggling men.

She's really doing it for the women as well if you think about it.

I've pretended to be someone I'm not or someone I should be because I either told myself or I let someone influence me into believing that's "how you look good on paper" or that's what girls want to hear or this is the way life is supposed to be in order to stay in line.

There's also something that will surprise many people out there, which is that I don't weigh myself down with long term goals.Instead I prefer short-term goals, and then maybe after a few months or so, I stop and look at the big picture and see how much I have achieved collectively as a result of all those mini incremental goals.She's someone who has taken this exact approach with her own personal success and interwoven these principles into the dating world, techniques and advice she shares with her clients."There's one single distraction that the generation before ours didn't have.That colossal distraction is called the internet." I look around and see more people single than in love or in relationships.

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