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What to do about a lady you met just last month who swears she has fallen hard for you and can you please send money for a plane ticket, passport and K-1 visa processing? Even granting your prospective Filipina bride is sincere, there’s many a slip (and months, even years, of waiting) between sending money and seeing your fiancée come off the plane into your eager embrace.

As for sob stories about ailing parents needing an operation, that’s really all they are.

Unlike Angeles City you cannot just grab any woman there.

Dating a foreigner in the Philippines is no big deal so you may be able to find a girl that works in the mall. Disco Bars/Restobars – to get a more decent girl to hook up with, a bar might be the best place. Manila Bay ( Baywalk ) – many people hang in this area. So my travels are shifting from Ph to US attractions.

If someone were to ask me where should I go to meet Filipino girls, the simplest answer would have to be: anywhere.

They are so kind and open by nature that they are extremely easy to start a conversation with.

No self-respecting Filipino family would countenance begging for help from an outsider if they can help it.

Their former Spaniard masters called it “delicadeza”.

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  1. Ek dhakka jor se lagaaya ki lund bhabhi ki chut men utar gaya. Jab ki bhabhi ki chut men janae men lund ko koi taklif nahin hui thi, Gauri kunvaari hone se lund jaladi se ghusa nahin. Udhar aage zuk kar Gauri ne apane stan bhabhi ke munh ke paas rakh diye the.