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Maybe men don't lock their eyes onto 36-24-36 like some broken slot machine after all, but instead possess a "flexible behavioral repertoire" that adapts sexual preferences to changing environments, the researchers conclude in .

And when a man changes culture, he adjusts his preferred measurements accordingly.While men in developed societies go numb for sinuous curves, those in many developing countries surrender to a larger, more parallel contour.Plumpness may be a sign of poor health in the West, but elsewhere it's a sign that a woman has access to money and food.An eye-tracking study last year found that men start to evaluate a woman's hourglassness within the first 200 milliseconds of viewing, which, based on my pedestrian observations, seems slow.But to call this desire universal is to ignore a great deal of competing information.

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In other words, we can live in New York but possess a Zulu state of mind.

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