Internet dating time wasters

When Nok shows up she's got a good body nice face white skin she doesn't like talking Thai but speaks Lanna to me which I hate but I roll with it.So I ask her if she wants to go get noodles, sure she says.When a girl let's you pick her up at her place it's usually a good sign that she trusts you and there are good times to come.

Honestly I only have myself to blame for that but hey i'm a good guy right I share.

She's standing outside looking a little confused (she really is from the mountains) and I said it's ok come inside.

When she is inside she's looking around and asks me "so how long have you lived here for?

you like a girlfriend, fucks you like a girlfriend, but doesn’t want to give you the title or commit to anything serious has no excuse for not committing.

He’s using the lack of label as a loophole so he can exit whenever he wants.

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" I can't stop but laugh, this girl really doesn't know anything.

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