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has never really given you (the character or the actor) the showcase that he deserves.

And in "MILF Island," where all the other characters were grouped together in their own unique tribal council, he was left alone, stranded in an empty hallway with his arm stuck in a vending machine. "It's been done" is the phrasing I think we're looking for.

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As the story was developing, the hints of a connection were subtle enough to make you feel good about being in on the joke.

And try as he might, there was little he could do with the material he was given -- save for that desperate phone call to himself.

Thankfully, the remainder of the episode had more to work with.

One is HDRified (a few shots taken at different exposures at the same time, combined to make one super-picture); the other is the original. With the camera app open, look for the icon with three concentric circles at the top of the screen. All of a sudden, you’re not taking mini videos every time you just wanted a still Camera setting and tap Record Video. Honestly, it’ll look acceptable on a Camera will be at the top for most people, but you’ll probably also find a podcast app (if you listen to podcasts), a game or three, and a video you may have downloaded because, dammit, it’s not streaminganywhere. You know how you have all kinds of shit in your house that you only occasionally use, and the rest of the time it just takes up space? Keep tiny, low-resolution versions on your phone (head to Settings, then i Cloud, then Photos, then Optimize i Phone Storage) and keep a better copy in the cloud.

Imagine if you could make it all disappear, have it show up when you need it, and then poof again when you’re done.

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