Online dating rejection after first date

Especially when pictures are available so that you have an idea of what that person looks like, then by going to a phone conversation to get a feel for them through their voice (which always tells me a lot! Only about 1-5% of the population matches any one person. That leaves 50% who are @sswipes with no personality that aren't even worth making dog food out of.), the first meeting becomes just an extension of the good times you've already had through your various conversations. Sorry you seem to have a problem finding the right one.Because those kind of sparks are based on nothing more than hormones and attitude.The kind of sparks you (and I) are looking for are the embers that smolder for a long time fueled by passion, tenderness, affection and a true connection between two people. People are too quick to move on here to establish any kind of rapport with a person.

I admire some of my European male friends - they see dating as fun and don't take rejection to heart. After all, isn't the point of being on here to meet new people and have fun?

Try to meet people on your own terms and I'm sure you'll meet someone special. It is nothing wrong with you , Try and meet people in the real world and at your own terms.

I think sometimes these dating sites give dating a bad taste in ones mouth.

(Meaning, no groping or kissing without all the 'kiss me' signs).

I've been on so many one-date-onelies either because they really weren't into me, or they sat so far from me, paid so little attention to me that I couldn't stand them for long.

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There is still a lot to learn before you can determine whether they are good enough to continue. I agree that you can not determine if there are truly "sparks" between two people on the first date; and I will tell you something else-- the situations where there have been those "sparks" have been like skyrockets.

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