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That’s how pervasive and absolute the sinister controllers’ power at the top is.And as it is, its television broadcast ban has persisted to this very day, but thanks to De Camp and the internet, it’s still widely available.The central adult figure is decorated Vietnam War veteran, 17-year Nebraska state senator, author and longtime attorney John De Camp who represented several of the child victims in court as a well-intentioned protagonist.Years earlier after meeting his Vietnamese wife while serving as a Green Beret captain in Southeast Asia, as a Nebraska state senator in 1975 John was responsible for airlifting 2,800 orphaned children out of the war ravaged nation and finding homes for them in North America.Even a 17-year old minor who “by choice” engages in sex for money is a victim, especially when economic and cultural factors so often present are considered.Young homeless runaways on the streets who are hungry for their next meal may feel forced to use their body as their only way to survive.In any event, during the course of this last year, criminals both in and out of government have been stripped naked, exposing their grotesque orgiastic debauchery and predatory bloodlust, and God willing, they’ll all finally be paying for their treasonous high crimes against both humanity and our children.

Of course the only reason for this amnesia is the massive top-down textbook cover-up.At 46 million and counting, both human slavery and child sex slavery today shamefully stand at an all-time high in the history of Homo sapiens walking this earth.Likewise, the pedophilia Empire has never been more gargantuan a beast and a metastasized worldwide epidemic than it is at this very moment.Initially as the Franklin story broke and rumors surfaced of child abuse in the late 1980s, De Camp was highly skeptical.But the more he learned, the more he grew committed to ferreting out the truth in support of the child victims, eventually agreeing to legally represent several of the abused.

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  2. These findings held American troops were only convicted of 53 crimes per 10,000 U. male servicemen, while Okinawan males were convicted of 366 crimes per 10,000. In more recent history, "crimes ranging from rape to assault and hit-and-run accidents by U. military personnel, dependents and civilians have long sparked protests in the prefecture," stated The Japan Times.