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Critical study of the Hebrew text of the Scriptures commenced toward the end of the 18th century.Benjamin Kennicott published at Oxford (in 1776-1780) the readings of over 600 Masoretic Hebrew manuscripts, and the Italian scholar Giambernardo de Rossi published at Parma comparisons of 731 manuscripts in 1784 to 1798. Hebrew scholar Rudolf Kittel released in 1906 the first edition of his (The Hebrew Bible), providing therein a textual study through a footnote service, comparing many Hebrew manuscripts of the Masoretic text. But, when the older and superior Ben Asher Masoretic texts became available, Kittel undertook the production of an entirely new third edition, which was completed by his colleagues after his death.

Despite the care exercised by copyists of Bible manuscripts, a number of small scribal errors and alterations crept into the text.

Then in 1516 the Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus published his first edition of a master Greek text of the Christian Greek Scriptures.

It contained many errors, but an improved text thereof was made available through four succeeding editions from 1519 to 1535.

Later, Paris printer and editor Robert Estienne, or Stephanus, issued several editions of the Greek “New Testament,” based principally on Erasmus’ text, but having corrections according to the Complutensian Polyglott and 15 late manuscripts.

The third edition of Stephanus’ Greek text (issued in 1550) became, in effect, the “Received Text” (called of 1611.

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