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Exchange rates movements, in particular of the US Dollar, had a positive impact on revenues; that grew 2.5% at constant currency (cc).Alba Juna Therapeutics, a spin-off from the Irsi Caixa AIDS Research Institute, is developing a new treatment strategy based on monoclonal antibodies with great potential to neutralize HIV and activate the "natural killer" cells responsible for destroying cells infected by the virus From 1 January 2017 Victor Grifols Roura will be succeeded by his brother, Raimon Grifols, and his son, Víctor Grifols Deu, who will become joint and several chief executive officers of the company.Net profit, at 97.0 million Euros, falls by 17.1% due to costs associated with the corporate transaction and higher financial expenses.A new plant will produce the MDmulticard® for the rapid determination of blood groups, expanding Grifols´offer in Transfusion Diagnostics.Grifols has extended Pedi Gri® On Line to all of its plasma derivatives including Albutein®, Alphanate®, Alpha Nine® and Profilnine® SD.Also as part of the final stage, the company has officially launched Pedi Gri® On Line in the US market.Grifols has been working in the fields of transfusion, blood banking, protein therapeutics and laboratory analysis for more than 70 years. Grifols would like to make it clear that the rumours circulating regarding a possible sponsorship and stadium naming deal between F. This is a global campaign whose goal is to increase the number of new registered blood donors. President, Victor Grifols, ensures that the company remains focused on what matters most: People.

será el primer factor de coagulación sanguínea hemoderivado en incluir en su etiquetado información sobre procesos de fabricación que ofrecen una garantía razonable de eliminación de bajos niveles de un agente considerado modelo de la v ECJ.

Central's accessibility studies program provides opportunities to learn about barriers that exclude people with disabilities.

Moreover, it serves to ensure that every environment will accommodate everyone, regardless of ability.

In the last decade there has been a downward trend of new registered blood donors, which may put the blood supply at risk The conclusions of the trial were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Toronto.

The compound ABvac40, designed to combat Alzheimer's disease at its initial stage, has demonstrated a good safety and tolerability profile. P and NASDAQ: GRFS) reported net revenues of Euros 3,934.6 million for 2015, growing 17.3% compared to Euros 3,355.4 million reported in 2014.

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These areas are currently based in rented office space, primarily in Barcelona, and without any scope for physical expansion.

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