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This is what goes on in the seedy KTV bars of Singapore. Unless you’re a big spender, or a regular, chances that you’ll be offered any ‘happy ending’ are slim.Dancers in skin-tight latex suits frolic with drunken male patrons looking for a good time. Redwire spoke to one bar-hopper who used to frequent lup sup bars in Duxton when, in his words, it was still an area known for cheap pinoy prostitutes, Chinese pei jiu mei (drinking kaki girls) and high-class ang moh callgirls. She gets commission from the sales, so the more you drink, she lagi happy lah.

The woman said a country woman named Wen Wen, who worked as a prostitute in Geylang (a famous red light area in Singapore), encouraged her to join the field.

"My first customer paid me S4.20 (¥2,400) to accompany him overnight.

He even took me on a night tour and to try out black pepper crab. They treated me like a tool to satisfy their sexual desires and that made me feel terrible," she said. "I told him that I'm 'too dirty' now and that my future is already gone," she said.

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There’s the dirty, or lup sup bars where girls openly offer their services.

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