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Most times when you are treated to a well written novel, you have a central theme (story) and one or two side stories that can be told to add breadth to the tale.These could be stories that are running concurrently, back-stories that fills in the lives of the characters in the novel and adds depth and breadth to the central core and makes you love or hate the mainstay of the novel. She recognizes the piece as a composition by her first love, lost in war-torn Beirut 30 years ago yet impossibly alive in the Paris photo. The agent investigating Sofia’s death shares with Maggie a photograph recently taken in Paris and a recording of an unpublished concerto.

Santa Clarita journalist, Grammy nominee, award-winning radio producer, award-winning online editor, veteran writer-producer-talent for print, radio, TV and the Web. Maggie is determined to find her godson, whom she had promised to raise if something should happen to his mother.This is no easy task as she discovers once she starts the search.With a musician and a little boy caught in the web and at the center of the battle. Just like she did with her complex story lines, so she did with her characters.Just as you thought you knew who someone was, you discovered that they were not the person you thought they were.

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