Updating firmware thomson speedtouch

Messing with the software settings of your modem and/or messing with the registry or internal settings of your operating system can render your modem or operating system useless.

I don’t know about it’s compatibility with European and other ISPs, but I’d love to hear your feedback on this issue .Update: I’ve received a few notes from European based readers that say this guide helped them convert their modem, so I guess it does work after all :-) Read Upgrade from Alcatel Speed Touch Home to Pro – Reader Notes for more info and use the Alcatel, Samsung and other broadband modems forums to post questions if you want.This document describes how you can enable the ‘Pro’ software features on an Alcatel Speed Touch Home ADSL modem.The Challenge String is basically the same as the MAC address of the modem.To obtain the MAC address (also called the “Speed Touch string”) you can do one of the following: Warning: Updating firmware is NOT without risks and can render you modem useless!

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