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Perhaps you ask yourself why meet ladies from former USSR?Our answer: Because, the Sexy Russian Brides and beautiful Ukrainian girls of our agency are honest, young, radiant and very beautiful.You Tube's "Election Hub" channels for major news networks only received several hundred views, whilst De Franco's videos on Election Hub received tens of thousands.It was put down to it being in an 'experimental stage'.

Source Fed was an idea Philip De Franco had been considering as an evolution of his own You Tube channel.

Source Fed mainly focused on popular culture, news and technology.

As of March 22, 2017, the Source Fed channel accumulated over 1.7 million subscribers and 907 million video views.

In an interview with Forbes, De Franco stated that he originally wanted to turn his daily show into several daily segments.

He added that there was confusion among his audience when this format was tested, convincing De Franco that he would need to create a new series to not alienate, but grow his audience.

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