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Also, the ladies work in the place, we usually call them "酒店小姐", i duuno how to translate it too) to find some fun, and a 傳播弟 (A job that like 酒店小姐 but they are male, and they aren't members of the 酒店, oh my god even me got mind blown. Chris skip the blind date, and hide into the liquor hotel, too.

He buys some drink and waiting Ben to come to pick him up.

Chris Pine is busy on the publicity trail for Star Trek Into Darkness, which includes being the cover star on this month’s Out Magazine, and in the interview inside he talks about his bromance with Zachary Quinto, respecting his co-star’s privacy and his first job, which involved spooning with Tom Everett Scott. And Jonathan [Groff], who he’s dating, is such a lovely man.

Talking about Quinto’s coming out, he says, “So happy for him, oh man, I thought it was rad. He’s a good guy and a great actor, and they make a fantastic couple.

Zach 被安排相親,他氣死了於是開溜到旁邊酒店尋歡,結果有個冒失的傳播弟跑了進來,Zach照單接收。Chris也從相親會場中跑走,來到隔壁的酒店等Ben把他接回家,然而他被下藥,發情期提早到了,所以他趕快躲進無人包廂內,只不過他發現有人在包廂時,已經太晚了,對方Alpha的氣息已經襲捲他的腦袋……Zach is settled in a blind date, He is angry so he skips it and hide into a liquor hotel ( in my culture, the word "酒店" has a different meaning, the word means "Hotel" but mostly, we think "酒店" is a place where has many beautiful ladies, they will drink with the customers.

I dunno how to translate it correctly, so I decide use "liquor hotel".

Su relación crece durante su estancia en Nueva Zelanda pero a su regreso a Inglaterra tienen algunos problemas ya que Richard está muy celoso de Benedict Cumberbatch.Y quién a lo mejor tiene algún secreto que no quiere que uno de sus mejores amigos descubra.I saw a drawing of Spock and Kirk in period clothing and was inspired to do a fic for Pinto. Enterprise crew members Uhura and Spock, spoke exclusively with EW, giving a tease about their characters in the new film, at the taping of the special they’re featured in airing Thursday, June 9 at 8 p.m. Saldana says Uhura and the crew are worn out, but there’s no time for a break.“Life has a different journey for us, and instead of us having to go out and aid another population, another planet that has been the target of violence, we are the target, so this is very different.

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